Season 1, Vol. 1, Ep. 5: DAWN-LYEN - "The Battle Cry"

Episode Art by Rage Kidvai    @rkidvai

Episode Art by Rage Kidvai @rkidvai

Dawn-Lyen Gardner is an actress best known for playing the leading role of Charley Bordelon-West in Oprah Winfrey & Ava DuVernay’s drama series Queen Sugar. Gardner was born and raised in LA, and later moved to New York to attend Juilliard. She has been acting from a very young age. She is a proud first generation Angelino, and the child of a Chinese immigrant mother and a Black father from Alabama. Her activism is currently focused on the separation of families by ICE and border patrol.

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QUEEN SUGAR Season 4 Official Trailer

The humanitarian crisis at the border is real. It is urgent. And it is our dollars, our taxes that help fund it. Which means that we are all involved. By allowing this crisis to continue, we are saying that we are ok with it. So, officially: I am not ok with it. I am not ok with ICE and Border Patrol forcibly separating thousands of children from parents for months to years. I am not ok with children - or anyone - dying while in ICE custody. I stand in solidarity with the artists in El Paso & around the country for the #ARTISTICUPRISING happening today at the El Paso border from 5-10pm. If you are in the El Paso area, bring your music, poetry, drums, words, passion, theatre, outrage, and love. Let's UNITE in the demand that the detention camps be closed and that children be reunited with their parents - the most fundamental and basic human right. The human rights atrocities that immigrant communities are experiencing across the country and especially at the southern border are horrifying. We must not look away. We must face this crisis, and we must act to end it. For full details on today's artistic uprising, or to attend or perform, visit: This artistic uprising is presented by Border Agricultural Workers Project, La Mujer Obrera, @campesinasunite, & @One_Billion_Rising. Thank you @blackpuertoricanphd, @eveensler, and every activist/artist involved. Cheering in spirit today from the set of #QueenSugar. #ThisIsAnArtisticUprising #CloseTheConcentrationCamps #FamiliesBelongTogether #ImmigrantsAndRefugeesWelcomeHere #ArtisticUprising #RiseResistUnite #RiseInSolidarity #UntilTheViolenceStops #HistoryisWatching