Season 1, Vol. 1, Ep. 4: KIMBERLY - "Aspiring to Auntie Levels"

Episode Art by Rage Kidvai    @rkidvai

Episode Art by Rage Kidvai @rkidvai

Kimberly Drew is a curator of "black art and experiences", a fashion icon, and creator of the popular Tumblr blog "Black Contemporary Art". She previously held the position of social media manager for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and uses social media (@museummammy on Instagram) as a tool to champion Black artists.

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Below is a playlist of songs that Kimberly curated, based on what she was listening to at different points in her life, along with videos, photographs and other fun stuff!

Rage, Kimberly & Thanu, BTS while recording Episode 4 of Bad Brown Aunties.

Rage, Kimberly & Thanu, BTS while recording Episode 4 of Bad Brown Aunties.

Harry Belafonte speaking with writer and curator Kimberly Drew about balancing art and activism, legacy and the power of folk art in this public conversation at the historic Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture, presented by Red Bull Music and Jill Newman Productions.

Art | Basel Miami Salon Talk - Transgender in the mainstream [L-R: Gordon Hall, Juliana Huxtable, Kimberly Drew & David Getsy]


Kimberly with Editor and activist Sinéad Burke at Fondazione Prada in Milan.


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Kimberly with friend and co-author of “The Black Futures Project” Jenna Wortham. The book is an anthology inspired by The Black Book by Toni Morrison and will take the form of a coffee table book.